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Pixel - Special Edition Electron

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Flight Numbers

Speed 2 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 0.5


The Simon Line Pixel is the second disc in Simon Lizotte's disc lineup. The Axiom Pixel is a deep putter with a micro-bead. This is a great, straight putter that is great for driving and approaching that will give you little to no turn and a straight finish on drives and hold a straight line on your approaches. With the deeper profile, the Pixel has the glide to get you effortlessly to the basket on putts inside or outside the circle. And with a little bit of spin, this disc will fly very straight all the way to the chains.

The Electron plastic is Axiom's base line plastic that has a great combination between a softer grip and a firmer feel. This gives you great grip in whatever conditions you may be playing in. 

The Special Edition Pixel has a special 8-bit style stamp on it giving this early run a limited edition stamp that may never be ran again.