Midnight Prowl 2 - Kyle Klein Signature Series Meta Origin

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Flight Numbers

Speed 5 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 1


The Discmania Origin is a great mid-range that is a great disc for any skill level. With a smaller, curved rim, this mid-range is very comfortable in the hand, and it's stability makes it a great disc for straight to turnover shots. This disc is understable enough to be a great option for beginners to have a straight mid-range, but for more experienced players this disc will be a nice understable mid-range that has enough stability to not turn and burn, even at higher speeds.

This disc is one of the most versatile mid-ranges for a wide variety of player's skill levels. A great disc starting out that could stay in your bag throughout your entire disc golf journey.

The Midnight Prowl 2 in Meta plastic is slightly more torque resistance and durable than the stock Origin, but slightly less stable.