MD1 - C-Line

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Flight Numbers

Speed 5 | Glide 6 | Turn 0 | Fade 0


The Discmania MD1 is a comfortable, straight, mid-range that can fit into anyone’s lineup. From Beginners to Pros, everyone’s game can benefit from the MD1. This disc has a comfortable rounded off rim for a mid range, giving it a comfortable feel in the hand and a clean release on your approach shot’s or drives off the tee!

The MD1 is great for flip up shots that will fly straight and finish straight. But can be workable to fly on any line you put it on. For beginners this is a great disc to start out with as a disc to fly straight and far with little effort. And more experienced players can have this disc as their workhorse mid-range being able to manipulate this disc to carve out paths on any fairway.

And the C-Line plastic is grippy while still maintaining its form and rigidity.