Latitude 64

Explorer - Kristin Tattar Grand Slam Opto Ice

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Flight Numbers

Speed 7 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2


The Latitude 64 Explorer is a stable fairway driver in Latitude 64's lineup and in the bag of 2x World Champion Kristin Tattar. For beginner to intermediate players, this disc will be a great, dependable flier that will give you a consistent finish and even fly well into winds.

For those more advanced to pro level players, this disc is a real point-and-shoot type of fairway that you will be able to trust to hold the line you put it on even when thrown with all the power you can give it. That is why you will find the Explorer in the bag of just about every player on Latitude 64's team, and even some pros off of it.

This Opto Ice edition of the Explorer is to commemorate Kristin Tattar's Grand Slam, taking down every Major in the 2023 FPO schedule, and the first Female to take down 4 majors in the same season.