Cloudbreaker - Golden Horizon

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Flight Numbers

Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 3


The Discmania CloudBreaker is Eagle McMahon's newest creator series disc. This is a brand new mold, departing from the DD3. The CloudBreaker will be a go-to disc for players with bigger distance, being very workable while maintaining a lot of glide in it's flight for maximum distance. For players with shorter distance, this will be a consistent disc and be more overstable for trustworthy finishes to distance shots.

The Horizone Cloudbreaker has the same great grip and feel of the S-Line Cloudbreaker coming in a little stiffer, and a little more overstable. For slower arm speeds, this will be a consistent flyer that will give you a strong, consistent finish. For the bigger arms out there, this disc will be a great, dependable flyer, that will fly stable for you, but still have the push and glide to get you great distance off the tee. 

The Golden Horizon Cloudbreaker was made to honor Eagle's historic win at the 2022 European Open, and because of that, these will most likely never be made again. So when these are gone, they're gone.