P2 - S-Line

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Flight Numbers

Speed 2 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 1


The Discmania P2 is a great, stable putter that is great for both throwing and putting with. The P2 is overstable enough to handle a lot of power when thrown off the tee or fight any wind you may face on the putting green. The deeper profile of the P2 also gives the disc great glide along side it's stability to remain as one of the farther flying putters on the market.

This Discmania S-line plastic, which is Discmania's most premium plastic. The S-Line plastic give you superior grip over the C-Line plastic while keeping great durability to hold its flight for a long time. And the flight of the S-Line plastic is slightly less overstable with more glide over it's C-Line counterpart. But this S-Line P2 still remains a very overstable throwing putter that is very dependable in whatever conditions you may face on the course.