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Fugitive - Supreme Prototype

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Flight Numbers

Speed 5 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 4


The New Dynamic Discs Supreme Fugitive is a completely new mid-range, paying homage to the original Fugitive from back in 2012, but changing up the flight to be a more overstable mid. The Supreme Fugitive fills the gap perfectly between the Verdict and the Justice. Having a similar feel to the Justice, but having a flight that flies straight for a little bit longer before hooking up at the end. 

This disc is great for power throwers because this disc will not turn over no matter how much power you put on it, and it will always give a reliable fade at the end. And the speed of this disc will still give you a great distance down the fairway before the giving you that finish at the end. 

The Supreme plastic is Dynamic Discs highest quality plastic. This plastic gives the disc the most durability while giving it amazing grip in any conditions. And with the new process of making the discs, they come out with little to no flashing on the disc, making the disc smooth and comfortable in the hand the moment you get a hold of it.