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F9 - 500 Plastic

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Flight Numbers

Speed 8 | Glide 6 | Turn -4 | Fade 0.5


The Prodigy F9 is the most understable disc in Prodigy's lineup. This fairway driver is made with the beginner in mind. For those with slower arm speeds, or just starting out with the sport, this disc will be a great straight flyer, and even give you a hyzerflip at lower speeds. This can very easily be the farthest flying disc in your bag. 

For those with a little more experience, this is a great disc to learn how to throw a roller or high turnover shots.

Prodigy's 500 Plastic is a premium plastic, much like the 400 plastic giving you great durability and grip. But the 500 plastic gives the player slightly more grip, and comes in a little stiffer for the plastic giving you more confidence when gripping the disc on the tee.