Cloudbreaker - Horizon

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Flight Numbers

Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 3


The Discmania CloudBreaker is Eagle McMahon's newest creator series disc. This is a brand new mold, departing from the DD3. The CloudBreaker will be a go-to disc for players with bigger distance, being very workable while maintaining a lot of glide in it's flight for maximum distance. For players with shorter distance, this will be a consistent disc and be more overstable for trustworthy finishes to distance shots.

The New Horizon Cloudbreaker has the same great grip and feel of the S-Line Cloudbreaker coming in a little stiffer, and a little more overstable. For slower arm speeds, this will be a consistent flyer that will give you a strong, consistent finish. For the bigger arms out there, this disc will be a great, dependable flyer, that will fly stable for you, but still have the push and glide to get you great distance off the tee.